I know, I know. The Mojito kind of has a bad rap with bartenders… It can be annoying to keep fresh mint leaves around, and muddling interrupts your flow behind the bar. But I’ve yet to find one person who doesn’t agree that a Mojito made just right is a thing of beauty.

The aromatics of the mint plus the sweetness of the rum and sugar… It’s a delicious, simple, refreshing cocktail.

Mint Mojito cocktail in a tall glass with club soda

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If you’re not familiar with this classic drink yet, I think you’ll really like it (as long as you’re not a bartender who needs to make a bunch of them on a busy Friday night). It’s a traditional Cuban cocktail, although– as with most popular cocktails of yesteryear– the exact origins are a little murky.

Although the history of the Mojito can be traced back to the 1500s, it came into vogue in the modern day thanks in part to Ernest Hemingway and falls in the sour/fizz cocktail family (spirit, sweetener, and citrus fruits). The Mojito recipe’s charm relies on fresh ingredients– specifically mint and lime.

Note: Traditionally, you’d use cane sugar syrup or cane juice, although a basic simple syrup with plain ol’ granulated sugar works, too.

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This is a super simple, classic cocktail that you don’t even need to shake if you don’t want to (traditional directions for shaking are below). Simply build it right in the glass!

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Add your mint leaves and lime juice to your tall glass, then muddle with your cocktail muddler. Don’t get too aggressive: You just want to press out some of the aromatics without bringing out the bitterness. Once that’s done, just add everything else to your glass with ice, stir with a bar spoon, and top with mint sprigs and lime wedges. Voila!

One of the greatest things about the mojito is that it’s easy to adjust. If it ends up a bit too sweet, just add a bit of lime juice. Too Sour? Add some more simple syrup. Love the minty flavor? Add more herbs. And if you prefer a low-carb option, check out our skinny Mojito using club soda or fizzy soda water only, without the simple syrup.

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As with any cocktail, experimentation is always welcome. You can make this mixed drink with pretty much any base spirit, although if you want it to resemble a Mojito, I’d recommend sticking with spirits that aren’t flavored. While it won’t technically be a Mojito anymore, I’m sure it’ll still be delicious!

perfect summer cocktail of strawberry mojito in a tall glass with ice

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A Mojito is a really fun cocktail to modify! If you play with the base spirit, sweetener, and/or herb elements, there are a ton of options for creating a whole new drink. Here’s some inspiration:

  • Make it with whiskey: it’s very close to a Mint Julep.
  • Make it with gin: It’s a Southside.
  • Make it with tequila: Well, I don’t know what that’s called, but it sounds good!
  • Add fruit to your simple syrup: A Strawberry Mojito is super popular for a reason– it’s delicious! You can make your syrups with fruits like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries (a subtle flavor– use lots of fruit); this creates less pulp and a generally stronger flavor. Or you can simply muddle the fruit into your shaker tin before building the cocktail.
  • Try different mints: Did you know there are pineapple mint and chocolate mint varieties? Well, apparently there are, and you can use them to alter your Mojito in a unique and easy way!
  • Change the herb: You can also add another herb or eliminate the mint completely and use something else instead. Rosemary, dill, basil… cilantro? I mean, the world of herbs is your oyster!
Muddler - Wooden - In Mixing Glass - Edited - 4-Edit

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Thou Shalt Not Buy Short Muddlers. The standard 8″ muddler will result in bruised and bloody knuckles from hitting them against the side of the glass. We designed our custom muddler to be extra long (12″) and made of solid, heavy plastic. It’s durable, balanced, and dishwasher safe!

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Are you thirsty yet? Grab the recipe to this classic rum cocktail, just in time for summer:

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